Friday Night Grill @ Mesh

Lamb cutlets at Mesh
Lamb cutlets

Ground Floor, Crown Promenade Hotel
Ph: 613 9292 8289
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Mesh has a rather good buffet special on Friday nights. It's generally quite well-attended though, so be sure to book ahead. Be warned, there's also a late cancellation fee.

The Friday Night Grill ($39.50 pp) includes a seafood, salad and dessert buffet bar along with your choice of a main and 3 drinks. The seafood bar includes steamed prawns and oysters au naturale. There's quite a good salad as well as tapas (the grilled eggplant was perfecto) selection. Desserts were plentiful. There was an icecream bar too! The cheesecake was quite nice. You can choose from white/red wine, beer or a soft drink. No tea or fruit juice, unfortunately, since I don't, as a general rule drink alcohol, and I avoid soft drinks because they are fattening and generally EVIL (hello high fructose corn syrup!).

You can choose from grilled lamb chops, chicken breast, fish, or roast beef as your main, with a choice of sauce. If you want value-for-money, get the roast beef because it is HUGE. My brother ordered that and it completely dwarfed my lamb cutlets (which I admittedly ordered because those bite-sized morsels of meat on the tiny bone looked so cute). Not that you should worry about the size of your main; the buffet selection is huge and by the time the mains rolled around, I was terribly stuffed, and I was pacing myself!

My cousin, who had the lamb on a previous occasion, initially warned me off them saying they had a tendency to turn out dry. My lamb cutlets, however, were succulent and rather tasty. Inconsistent food quality warning!

The food wasn't too bad except for the oysters. I was all set to eat at least two dozen, maybe three but I couldn't make it past a mere dozen. I encountered a bad oyster or two, and that just put me off. They looked fresh, and were well-chilled though, and it's a nice restaurant, fer gdness sakes', how can they allow that?! My cousin has had mixed experiences with the oysters too. He said though generally it's quite good, there have been times in the past, too, where the oysters weren't fresh. Oh well.

Buffets being buffets, I severely overate even though I limited myself to like a small tablespoon of each food item. Wish the slices of cake were cut smaller so I could try more without having to waste food.

All in all, it was rather good, and worth a try, but I don't think I will go back. Not so much because of the quality of the food and selection, but more so because I'm not a fan of over-indulging. If you're a huge eater though, go for it.

Rating: 3.5/5

Pro tip: My aunt says to drink lemonade after a heavy meal to aid digestion.


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