5 minute pub review - Cho Gao Restaurant & Bar

Melbourne Central, Level 3
211 La Trobe St, Melbourne

I dropped by on a Friday night and it was rocking. The drinks are cheap which may have something to do with its popularity with students. The d├ęcor is funky, sort of Asian/world. It’s trendy, hip, and popular with the yuppy crowd. I mostly hung out at the balcony which had a DJ playing decent but not spectacular house music. Still, the night time view from the balcony, particularly the State Library, was pretty good.

The kitchen was closed by the time I got there but the predominantly Asian fusion menu looked alright. The lunch time meal prices in particular look reasonable.

Would I go back? It’s a matter of taste, but it’s not exactly my scene – it’s very shiny, and as slick as a Beemer ad. Located on the top floor of Melbourne Central, parking is a breeze which will be convenient for those rainy winter days ahead! I’m still on a quest to find the typical Melbournian pub with live music, so much as I enjoyed my time there, I’ve got other priorities.

Nitpicking: for some reason their website isn’t indexed properly by Google so when you search for “Cho Gao” you just get a bunch of restaurant reviews on the first page! Someone needs to SEO-ize their website.


Anonymous said...

I've been to Cho Gao sometime in June. The food flavours are good but the prices are too pricey for the sizes served for the dinner of 4.

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