Rahmen - Momotaro, Kenzan, Ajisen

Momotaro Rahmen
392 Bridge Road
Richmond VIC 3121
Phone (03) 9421 1661

This is an ol' favourite of Karens located in Richmond. This is a very warm smallist cosey restaurant with great ramen. We usually grab a rahmen off the menu, I recommend the Rahmen / Gyoza combination. The other day, I tried some Scotch Fillet / Soy sauce rice combination off the special menu. It was delicious.. Highly recommended.

Kenzan @ GPO
Convieniently located in the city at GPO on Bourke Street Mall. Huge selection of sushi rolls and rahmens. Recommend the Bento, although a bit on the dear side $18 ($2 extra for Miso Soup), you get a huge selection of food.

Ajisen Rahmen
Popular international food chain where menu only consists of Rahmen. Try the spicy rahmens, they will leave your tongue burning... :P


Cjen Lum said...

Sorry to say but Ajisen's ramen are pretty much over franchised and the rahmen aren't... you know... ramen anymore =/
it feels mores like dried noodles and watery tasting soup.

although i haven't tried kenzan but i've got some pretty good reviews from it!