Chilli What? - Chillipadi, Chilliexpress and Chilli Malam (Midnight Munchies)

Chilli Padi
Menzies Alley Melbourne Central

Friday night - Chilli Padi
Today lunch - Chilli Express

Chilli Padi
This restaurant is basically an asian food joint with Thai, Malaysian, Japanese and other food similar to my dad's restaurant. Went here with the ECC folks before some bowling action at Kingpin and tried the Malaysian platter which consisted of (copy and paste) "satay chicken,rendang curry chic, samball eggs achat and coconut rice".

It turned out to be a huge dish, probably double of everyone elses on the table. However, it didn't really taste that great. Wasn't missing the bite of the spices I expected from a Malaysian cuisine. The dish was also $26, wouldn't pay for this dish ever again.

Chilli Express
Great selection of foods for lunch all around $8. Wasn't express to me, line was long and Green Curry + Rice + sald took a few minutes to come out. Had my first bite only to find an icy chicken that was not heated up properly. Good old last night cooked, quick microwave restaurant methodology. When it was heated up, it was not bad, not truly authentic green curry like Karen and I made in Thailand but good value for money.

Chilli Malam
Haven't been but saw the advertisement. Great for late night hunger.
Wed 10:30PM to 3AM
Thurs - Fri 10:30PM to 5AM.
Might check it out if I get hungry at now, but I don't really expect anything great from my experiences so far.


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