Thanh Nga Nine Vietnamese Restaurant

Thanh Nga Nine Vietnamese Restaurant
Open 7 Days
10am to 10pm
160 Victoria Street Richmond VIC 3121
Tel: 9427 7068

Dropped by Richmond for some good Vietnamese food and saw this restaurant packed full of people so we decided to try it out.

I tried Rice + Combination dish (included pork chop - love my pork chops) and Karen tried her usually Vermicelli + Spring rolls combo.

First thing I noticed was the dishes were very colourful, lots of veges, Vietnamese restaurants are usually supply minimal veges so that was great. Both dishes also tasted great, everything was very fresh and flavours were just right (not too strong or too light). Looking forward to going back and trying out the Pho.


Evangeline said...

Bun cha gio is one of my vietnamese favourites too!

Fitzroyalty said...

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1st persona said...
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1st persona said...

Had the best Vietnamese dinner tonight in the Cabramatta area, at Hai Au; http://www.thangblog.com/2009/08/vietnamese-dinner.html