Melbourne Yum Cha in city

Gold Leaf have now opened up a new yum cha restaurant located under the Southern Cross big wheel in Docklands and I must say I'm very impressed. I have previously blogged about the Gold Leaf in Burwood and this new place is definately equal and maybe better in terms of standards. This will definately be my new yum cha place in the city and it is a lot easier to find parking compared to Shark Fin Inn and Shark Fin House.

The first 1 hour of parking is now for free at the Harbour Town Factory Outlet parking so this is a bonus if you eat quick.

Enjoy my new tip.

Melbourne Yum Cha


Evangeline said...

My family's favourite yum cha place is the Preston Gold Leaf. I wonder if it's owned by the same people as the Gold Lead you mention? The chilli oil is awessssooome. And the parking is easy.
And hey, I'm up for some food blogging. Sounds fun.

yawen said...

I'm pretty sure it's own by the same people, http://goldleafrestaurant.com.au.

I'd like to know if the quality of all of the gold leave restaurants are the same...?

Bo Bae said...

ah, Gold Leaf.. It's been awhile since my last trip there.
The food looks good, as usual :)
I'm sticking to the one in Burwood though, since it's located near my house. Eventhough sometimes I can't stand the rush-hours. haha :D


Gaurav Marwaha said...

Awesome yum cha place in the Preston Gold Leaf. Thanks for sharing