Some recent highlights

Still haven't had the chance to update my akwoo blog http://www.akwoo.com/blog/ with food material, then I realised that this blog is starting to get popular on google.
So sorry to all the visitors, I will try get all my content up soon.

So here is a quick update here. Since my last post, i've been to many restaurants, probably can't remember all the names e.g. Koko, Dumpling King, First Taste, Shira Nui, The Lake House out at Daylesford (2 chef hats), Intercontinental Melbourne restaurant, Goshen and some other korean and japanese restaurants I didn't enjoy.

The highlights out of all these will definately be following
Shira Nui - Best jap food I have tasted ever, been returning a few times ever since, will post up photos and what to order very soon. Have to double check my photo of the receipt for exact names.

Dumpling King at Doncaster Food Court - Awesome dumpling soups and bargain too.

First Taste - Hot pots are alright, but I love the soups there, authentic chinese herbal soups.

Goshen - Went here to other day, very flavoursome korean food. Better than Oriental Spoon in the city, my regular korean joint. Will have to revisit soon, my wife said the Bimbimbap is awesome.

Intercontinental Melbourne Restaurant - Stayed here 1 week, awesome hotel highly recommended. I was too buggered to eat out one night, so we decided to try the restaurant inside the hotel and was very impressed. Steak had been best steak i have had in melbourne so far, was disappointed by Meat & Co, haven't tried Squirres Loft yet (colleagues have raved about it). Forgot what entree and other main we had (might have been Rabbit), but all I recall, was that everything was top notch.

Disappointing but still lovely food.
Koko - food was great still, but service was very slow, kept us waiting for our food a long time. We actually cancelled our Ezards 2 chef hat booking to try this too. teppanyaki looks great, might have to try that other day.

Lake House - great atmosphere, beautiful views and impressive wine list! Nothing on the degustation really wowed me, I think I have to try A la carte next time.