Kitoh - Hainam

Went to this restaurant for the first time today for lunch. The previous time I went past here and looked at the menu, a guy stood outside trying to pressure my colleagues and I into the restaurant. The end result was that it annoyed me so we walked off. Today they had no one outside, so I decided to check it out.

Noticed some yum cha dishes on offer as entrees, so I decided a single Custard Bun and Hainam Chicken for my main meal. The custard bun came out first, and wasn't that great, tasted like the ones you buy from the asian groceries. I think i'll stick to yum cha places for custard buns.

The Hainam chicken came out and looked pretty appealing. It came with rather decent size chicken pieces on one plate, a plate of rice and a bowl of soup. This is my impression of their Hainam chicken.

Rice - was too dry, didn't have chicken flavour to it as expected from a true hainam chicken dish.
Chicken - pieces were too big and not too tender, I prefer slightly smaller tender pieces.
Soup - taste like average soup.
Sauce - needed more spiciness to it.

I still reckon Chom Chom makes the best Hainam chicken.