5 minute pub review - The Carlton Hotel

193 Bourke St, Melbourne

I love this place. Clashing, maximilian and offbeat, the vibe I get from this place is “retro chic”. The large stuffed animals scattered around the place are kind of awesome and manages to avoid being stale hunting lodge masculine. There are numerous cozy nooks and it was, of course, packed on a Friday night. There’s a rooftop bar which, tragically, does not have a pool, because that would be a great addition to the tropical palm tree-strewn décor. Be warned, spend any length of time up there and the delishus aroma of deep fried chicken and eleven secret herbs and spices from the exhaust vents next door will send you spiraling down what feels like 10 flights of stairs (which is a right bugger to walk up in heels) for a midnight snack.

Would I go back? Certainly.

Nitpicking: Their website as listed by Google, http://www.thecarlton.com.au/, is a completely empty directory. Someone should do something about it, it’s embarrassing.


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Ole Blue Eyes said...

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This place is amazing! never dissapoints! I've been coming here for years, everyone from the door staff to barmaids/barmen to waiters absolutely amazing they always have a smile on their face and customer service is second to none! thanks for making my night/early mornings remembrobale.... new games